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Pipsqueak‘s Train Ride is an endless runner mobile game developed for the Android platform.

The game is about the struggle of Pipsqueak - a short person on the Berlin U-Bahn, who is unable to find an empty seat on the train and is too short to grab the handles in the rush hour crowded U-Bahn, so he decides to run along the length of the train till he reaches the next stop in order to keep his balance and not get embarrassed. 

In order to win the game Pipsqueak must avoid bumping into the passengers and avoid falling during the train turns otherwise he gets humiliated which is represented by a humiliation bar in the game. If the humiliation bar gets full the game is over and Pipsqueak is left with a day of utter humiliation and misery.

Team Lead: Ayan Sanyal

UI Artist: Vanessa Hoffmann

Concept Artist: Nils Mahn

Animator: Laurie Bujnowski

Programmer: Niklas Haßmann

________   ______________________>__
[]_[]||[| |]||[]_[]_[]|||[]_[]_[]||[|

Install instructions

Just download and install on any android device.


Pip-Squeak Trainride_MobileBuild.apk 44 MB

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